Anevia adds MPEG DASH Multi-DRM Common-Encryption Capability (CENC) to ViaMotion Suite

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drapeau_americain_anglaisAnevia, a global leader in the development of software infrastructure for delivering live television and video-on-demand (VOD) services over the Internet, has announced a major addition to the capabilities of its award-winning ViaMotion Suite. This new development enables ViaMotion to support high quality streaming of media content via the Internet using conventional HTTP web servers. The new multi-DRM (multiple digital rights management) capability also being integrated into ViaMotion enables high-level protection against unauthorized access to subscriber-based streamed television services.

Anevia damien_lucasThis latest development demonstrates our ability to stay at the forefront of digital media delivery technology. ViaMotion now allows broadcasters to make their video content available in any location at any time and on any viewing device. This is a level of service versatility that goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional terrestrial and satellite-to-home transmission. It includes the ability to stream secure content over HbbTV as a secondary live source, current programme start-over, catchup replays or even video-on-demand. » Anevia CTO and co-founder Damien Lucas

Using MPEG DASH, digital rights management standards currently deployed to safeguard broadcast content can now be delivered by ViaMotion as a single data stream. Until now, each DRM content-protection format required its own dedicated data stream. With this new capability, ViaMotion offers rights-holders the ability to stream live and catch-up content efficiently without compromising the commercial security of the programmes.
Single stream compatibility has been fully tested with Microsoft’s PlayReady and the open-standard Marlin DRM through Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud content protection system (, both of which conform to the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV Consortium’s HbbTV 1.5 initiative. HbbTV 1.5 is designed to harmonise the broadcast, IPTV, and broadband delivery of entertainment via Internet-connected television receivers and set-top boxes.

Intertrust gilles-boccon-gibodFor over 20 years, Intertrust has provided trusted computing technologies to companies around the globe to ensure that content is secure and highly protected. Our support of Anevia’s ViaMotion Suite is the latest example of how Intertrust’s technologies are enabling new and flexible business models for the digital delivery of protected content. » Gilles Boccon-Gibod, Intertrust’s Chief Architect and Managing Director, EMEA.

This new development follows the recent addition of H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) support to ViaMotion, which was announced during the September 2014 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.

The flagship of Anevia’s ViaMotion family is ViaMotion Plus. In a single suite of software, ViaMotion Plus handles all the packaging, streaming and recording necessary for the preparation and network delivery of media streams to a range of targeted devices. ViaMotion Plus includes support for third-party encoders, content delivery networks and digital rights management systems. »

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