Tornado engine chosen by Arkena to power IMF transcoding in their new SaaS Platform

Marquise Tornado_WilloughbyOwenDeveloped by Marquise Technologies, the media engine Tornado will be used to transform content to and from IMF (Interoperable Master Format) in Arkena’s new SaaS (Software as a service) platform (Group TDF).

Designed to answer the growing needs for automated multiple renders of high-resolution motion-picture content for deliveries to the digital cinema & broadcast industry and the OTT vendors, Tornado is a transcoding server that is remote controllable by any orchestration solution or in-house workflow management tools through an Application Programming Interface (API).

Arkena’s Harmony is a platform that centralizes the different workflows for content production and distribution and automates their execution using a web interface. For transcoding content to and from IMF files, Harmony pilots Tornado engine, and provides real-time tracking of every step.

«We chose to integrate Tornado with our Business Process Management solution Harmony to be able to handle IMF in our Workflows. Tornado is the most complete solution for IMF and was easy to integrate to our SOA solution”. Francois Lignon, Vice President Products at Arkena

The flexibility of Tornado, proposed in a server version for very high speed transcodingor in a software version optimized for cloud services is also a perfect march with Harmony’s philosophy, serving all kind of infrastructure: full Saas, on-premises or hybrid.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-07 à 11.25.24« Tornado allows software as a service providers to increase their competitive advantage, providing both high efficiency in transcoding and multiple concurrent workflows. It has been designed to be easily integrated with external platforms, and we are very happy that Arkena made that choice »

 Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.

Arkena will be demonstrating Harmony with TORNADO for IMF transcoding at IBC on their booth: 1.B79.

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