AMP Visual TV Chooses Riedel for New DSNG Production Vans

Car DSNG IXILive AMP Visual TV.

Riedel Communications, provider of real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, announced september 2th that AMP Visual TV has chosen Riedel’s MediorNet real-time signal network for a new fleet of DSNG production vans to be used by the AMP Visual TV IXI subsidiary. In addition to MediorNet’s real-time transport of video, audio, and intercom signals, AMP Visual TV is benefiting from the solution’s decentralized video and audio routing and on-board signal processing capabilities.

AMP Visual TV has established a real-time network in which a MediorNet Modular frame is integrated into the DSNG vehicle to allow video and audio I/O and the generation of three Quad-Splits (two for the vehicle and one for the field). Two MediorNet Compact Pro frames complete the set-up over a redundant, self-healing fiber ring topology. Two Riedel RockNet audio stage boxes are easily interfaced with the MediorNet Compact Pro frames over a Cat5 loop, enabling

Un des cars de transmission satellite (et de réalisation) DSNG IXILive, filiale d'AMP Visual TV équipé d'un réseau MediorNet Riedel.
Un des cars de transmission satellite (et de réalisation) DSNG IXILive, filiale d’AMP Visual TV, équipé d’un réseau MediorNet Riedel.

audio distribution to and from the Yamaha console in the vehicle, which also features a RockNet audio interface card. A Riedel Artist intercom matrix is also integrated into the setup, together with control panels for the vehicle, a commentary panel, and Performer digital partyline beltpacks distributed over the MediorNet network. To simplify control of the Riedel infrastructure, AMP Visual TV chose the Ember+ protocol through a VSM system.

AMP Francois Valadoux« We focused our research on a solution which was modular, scalable, and reliable when IP infrastructures were only at their earliest stage. Our experience with MediorNet solutions in the field made this technology the obvious choice for the OB vans. With the ability to aggregate fiber technology with multiple video, audio, data, and intercom resources, we have reduced our setup times without sacrificing reliability. »

François Valadoux, Chief Technical Officer and General Manager of AMP Visual TV